Free Report: 10 Tips on Running for Beginners

right-arrow-iconWhat you must know if you are a beginner runner to ensure you have success, don’t give up and learn to love…Yes you can LOVE running.

These free 10 tip,slow progress, frustration, and worst of all giving up!

Plus you’ll receive tips and advice to keep you motivated and Up and Running for Life.


Are you looking at taking up running but don’t know where to start? or maybe you used to run but other life events got in the way and now you want to get back into it, but it all seems too overwhelming! Perhaps you’ve heard running is a good way to lose weight, get fit, and improve your mood and memory. Whatever your reason up and running for life can help you achieve these goals.

Since you are here you are probably at a point in your life where you are not satisfied with how things are and you want to make a change. You want to stop counting calories and worrying about your weight. You want to be fitter, leaner, and healthier, you want to look great and feel even better. You have often looked at runners and thought I wish I could be like them I wish I was as fit and healthy as them. Well now you can!


Hi my name is Bernice Fitzgibbon and I have been pretty much addicted to running and fitness for over 35 years….Now in my sixties with grown up children and 7 grandchildren I’m still slim and healthy and feeling great.

I introduced my daughter to the magic of running and she too has never looked back. She has two children and never had to worry about post baby weight all because she knew the secret of running and good health practices.

So why am I writing this… I often get complemented on how young, fit and healthy I look, in fact most people can’t believe I’m in my sixties and wonder what my secret is! That’s why I’ve finally decided to share my secrets and created this site. I’m putting together packages about how YOU can get up and running for life and love what you are doing as much as I do….Guaranteed.

Even if you have never done any exercise before, even if at this point in time you think “I will never like running” or, “ I will never be fit and health it all seems too hard” I can show you how you can achieve this and much, much, more.

In Up and Running for Life I can show you how to fall in love with the sport and ultimately fall in love with your life!

I have shared details of absolutely everything my running friends and I do to ensure fun, safety and success to keep fit, healthy and motivated year after year.

My hope is for you to take all this information and use it to get the same wonderful feeling I have in achieving my dream life.

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