The 3 C’s of Running

The 3 C’s of Running

download (2)I love being around runners who are passionate about their sport.  I can feel their enthusiasm, their energy and that in turn, up lifts and motivates me. These are the runners who usually achieve their running goals, stay healthy, and keep running faster.

But unfortunately, so many runners just keep doing the same thing over and over. They look for “secrets” to success and ultimately their performances plateau and they constantly battle injuries (I know, I am one of them). But it’s the runners who take initiative who dominate.

Good Runners Take Initiative

Runners who consistently improve are those who are always learning, tweaking, seeking new running experiences, and challenging themselves.

That may mean reading a new running book, joining a running club, or using a different training plan. It could also mean biting the bullet and signing up for your first race, first marathon, or tenth marathon.

Always challenge yourself to explore new territory. Run race distances you’ve never done before. Tweak your training to add more strength exercises or trail running.

Ask yourself, “How can I change my training a little to see more improvement?”

Long Term Goals = Distance Running Success

The nature of distance running makes it imperative to gauge success in years and months, rather than days or weeks. Reaching your potential in any distance will take a while – there’s no way around it.

The 3 C’s

Commitment, consistency and common sense!

To see what your potential is, you need to commit to a training program and factor it into your daily routine.  It takes a gradual, but consistently more difficult, pattern of training to get a true picture of what you are capable of achieving. It also takes common sense to know when something isn’t working and changing your training to maximize your potential while minimizing your risk of injury. The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again but expecting different results.

Modest increases in distance and a progressive style of workouts over a long period of time will help you run fast over the long-term. There are no shortcuts, but there are smart ways to see what you’re capable of.

The goal here is to have you be your best and achieve your goals – whether that’s to get started, lose weight by running, improve your times, or just make running easier.


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