The 3 Main Causes of Injury

The 3 Main Causes of Injury

ankle-injuryBefore I get started let’s look at the 3 main reasons we get injured in the first place this will also give a better insight into injury prevention.    Exercise by its shear nature is putting our bodies under stress so when we put our bodies under stress it can break down.  Your body is made up of multiple moving parts, any one of these moving parts can give under the demands you put on them.  So what are these 3 main causes of injury?


I have already mentioned that during exercise we subject our bodies to increased work load.  This increased work-load puts stress on the muscles, tendons, ligaments, and joints so if they are not able to handle this, in the case of someone just beginning to exercise going too fast too soon,  or a seasoned athlete making a wrong or sudden move, then injuries occur.


This is a classic one for runners and comes back to, “too much of a good thing”.   You are doing great, your times are improving, and you’re feeling good so if you are doing so well with this amount of training you should do even better if you train even harder!! Right!  Well we all know where this one is going!  If you work your body too hard it is going to break-down.  It needs time to rest and restore.   Sure, there are times when you need to push yourself to the next level but your body has limitations being able to recognise when to back off is an important part of your training program and your overall performance.


This is when your body isn’t properly trained for the task it is performing.  So if you have been doing mileage and then try and sprint your muscles, tendons, ligaments, and joints have not been conditioned for this so you end up at the least with a strain at worst rupture or tear which can mean weeks or even months of down time and may require surgery.   I am a great believer in cross-training and training your whole body.  Nothing acts in isolation it is a total system so you need to train with this in mind.  I remember when I first started running it was all about sport specific training.  If you were a runner you ran, if you were a swimmer, you swam, and the only reason a runner would consider entering the pool to train was if he or she was injured!!  During this early time it was all about building your base with mileage then looking at interval training and speed work.  My speed work was race day then I just ran as fast as I could to the end!!  How it ended was any ones guess, but fortunately it wasn’t till after the race that I fell apart!  Am I wiser now? Sometimes! But the excitement of the race can still have me running like a maniac on very little background!  Oh dear and I am expecting you to listen to me!!!   The one thing you can be sure of is I have been there so do know and understand the process even if I don’t always follow it myself!

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