The Good Old 10 Miler

The Good Old 10 Miler

robert and dogs running Hi Robert here. Its Sunday the 31st march and today was the day for the 10 miler. Up until now most training has been 5 to 10km but with the Gold Coast Marathon only 14weeks away its time to begin some serious stuff. It’s been a while since I’ve run 16km in training but I recovered well from the Nerang Forest 25k Trail Race 3weeks ago so feel good about beginning my marathon build up.

At 4.20am both my 4 legged training partners came to let me know they were ready, so it was out of bed and out the door just after 4.30 not yet daylight but a clear sky and bright moon gave good visibility. Here in Queensland Australia we are at the end of our summer so it was a mild 20 degrees ( 68f ) perfect for an early morning run.

The first kilometre was an easy few undulations, followed by 3km of really grunty hill work, good to get that out of the way, then it was a reasonably flat 3km while trying to get into a comfortable rhythm before hitting 1km of steady climb to the half way point. Checked the watch, a slow 53min to here.

On to the second half it was another 1km of hills before I could run back down that hill I had climbed to the half way mark, trying to work in a bit of speed here, not very successful but it is only a training run, mostly flat for a while now, the sun is rising, the best part of the day and I’m doing what I love. With 2km to go the legs are starting to feel it a bit but I try to maintain the rhythm.

The biggest disadvantage with living on a hill with great views if you’re a runner is that the last kilometre of any run you do is always uphill, and here I am, a bit tough but we made it home in a very pedestrian 1hr 41min. Oh for those fleet footed days when I could skip through the 10 miles in around 65min, alas never to return. However you look at it the most important point is that you are out there doing what you love and still getting a buzz out of it.

We were having a joke last night about me shuffling up to the start of a race using a walker frame and pushing some of the elite runners aside so I could get a good start, the way I feel about running it’s a definite possibility. Gotta love this running.

See you on the start line.



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