Those early morning runs

Those early morning runs

Early morning runThe hardest thing to do when you first begin running, is to get up an hour earlier to fit it in before you get into your day!!  Now me, I am not a morning person, I hang in there to the very last minute and if there is the slightest reason I can find not to get up then that is me done!!   So knowing the type of person I am I have to plan for my success, and how do I do this!   Well having a man who can roll out of bed at 3.30-4am every morning along with 2 dogs who are rearing to go does help but there are other things I do that ensures I get my run in.


Here are a few tips I hope will help you through those first few weeks when you are forming your new habit.

  • Don’t think about it!  As soon as you wake up throw your feet over the side of the bed and get up!
  • Have all your gear ready laid out the night before.  Check what the weather is going to be and make sure you have everything you need!  No excuses!
  • Don’t have breakfast before you go as this needs time to digest, too much time to talk yourself out of it.  Have a drink and your bathroom stop but then out the door you go!  To exercise before you have eaten is a good way to burn fat if you are using running as part of a weight management program.  Exercise also suppresses the appetite so you will probably eat less once you do get to have breakfast.
  • Run with a group this way you have a commitment to run or if you can get another family member to join you the more the merrier!  Robert usually goes out an hour earlier with the dogs then comes back and picks me up!  He likes the longer distance races so needs more training than I do.
  • Use your running time for reflection.  I come up with some of my best ideas while out running.  It’s like meditation on the run!

Something else to remember when you have finished your run you have done more exercise than most people do in a day and all before they get up!!    That is certainly a great feeling, and I find I have a lot more energy and confidence during the rest of my day!

Keep running and keep smiling


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