Beginner Running

woman running on roadWe all have to start somewhere so at some stage we are a beginner, running is no exception! So why should you begin to run? Here are some of the benefits of running and why I started running again!

The first reason I began to run again in my adult life was for the mental wellbeing running had given me when I was younger and to loss a bit of weight I had gained after having children. I had very low self-esteem at the time and was probably suffering from post-natal Depression.

I remembered how great I felt when as a child I ran and the confidence running had given me. So let’s look at some of the benefits running gave me and so many others like me!

  • It helped me get back in shape and lose weight. Running is one of the top activities for burning fat with the exception of cross-country skiing, running uses more calories per minute than any other cardiovascular exercise!
  • I was fitter and stronger cardiovascularly than I had ever been. This equated to more energy throughout the day so I could achieve more. The added benefit was it was also strengthening and increasing my muscle and bone mass something we lose as we age or live sedentary lives!
  • I became more confident and self-assured. My self-esteem rocketed which gave me the confidence to study and become a qualified Health Professional.
  • It was a great stress reliever, especially running outdoors. It helped clear my mind and quite often I would come up with the solution to a problem that I just couldn’t get my head around!
  • Aside from relieving stress it also improved my mood and general outlook on life. I became more positive and out going. This is associated with the release of chemical called endorphins that cause euphoria (runners High) and a feeling of happiness!! Who needs drugs? Running has helped many people with clinical depression and addictions. So less tension and anxiety, less fatigue better concentration!
  • It helped me train my mind in other areas of my life!! I gained mental strength that gave me the ability to focus and the determination to succeed.

These are just a few reasons to begin running but always remember you are a beginner so slow does it! But remember “ No matter how fast or how slow you go, you are a runner”