What is forefoot running

What is forefoot running?  Here is a video explaining in simple terms what forefoot running is and the benefits.

Using PRP for treatment of a Calf Injury

Short video on a autologous blood injection (ABI) which is using the patients own blood to inject into the site of the injury to promote healing. This can be used on other areas of the body for sporting injuries or degenerative conditions of the muscles, tendons & joints.

Run for Life but everything in moderation!!

Cat among the pigeons here but very interesting non the less!  A cardiologist discusses the merits of exercise specifically marathon distances & suggests that although exercise has many health benefits these decrease when they are taken to the extreme!  Very interesting video!

Life Begins at Sixty!


Life Begins at Sixty.

An interview by a fellow Wellness Coach on what I did to keep fit healthy and young after sixty!