Half Marathon Schedule

Half Marathon RaceHi Robert Dickison here with a formula that has worked for me in the past and again as recently as six weeks ago. A running friend and I spent time quite a few years ago looking at our race performances and the training that preceded them. From our research we arrived at what we called the collapse point in any race up to the marathon distance, that point where you’ve been going fine and then your get up and go has gone and it’s a battle from here to the finish line.

The magic formula that evolved was that collapse point in our case was 3 times our average daily training distance so if we were to race in a Half Marathon and we were only training say 40km per week which averaged 5.7km daily then 3 times this meant after 17km we would be running on empty. This means that to effectively run a Half you would need to be training 50km per week = 7.1km average daily, times 3 = 21.3km and your across the line.

I give an example of 4 weeks training leading up to a recent 25km forest trail race, bearing in mind that this was rough with lots of hills, if you were running a flat Half you could cut back to 6 days and still be ok. What I am trying to show here is that schedules have to be flexible or they will not fit into our life, let’s face it if someone asks what do you do, you would love to say I’m a runner, but that’s not always possible without some other financial contribution.


Days                      Wk 1                            Wk 2                       Wk 3                                       Wk 4

Monday                6km easy                 5km easy             5km easy                              6km easy

Tuesday               7km easy                7km easy             10km easy                           10km easy

Wednesday         10km timed          10kmtimed           6km steady                         7km easy

Thursday              6km easy                6km easy             12km easy                          6km easy

Friday                   7km easy                10km easy            6km easy                             7km easy

Saturday               8km hills                7kmflat+hills       10km timed                        5km easy

Sunday                 12kmlong slow     13km steady       18kmflat+hills.                   25km race

Totals                       56km                           58km                     67km                                    66km

Most runs of 10km or more included some hill work, plus I included at least 2 gym classes per week for strength and flexibility. So now just go out there and do it knowing you can!