Running For Weight Loss

Woman in bridal gown runningWhen you want to lose weight wishing it off and doing nothing isn’t going to get you there. The only way this is going to happen is either eat less or exercise more! The ideal would be both but either one is going to see you lose weight.

If you are looking at losing weight and you want to find the fastest way to make this happen running is the answer! Running is one of the top activities for burning fat with the exception of cross-country skiing; running burns more calories per minute than any other cardiovascular exercise. If you run for 30 minutes at 8-10 km/hr. pace, depending on your weight, you would burn approximately 240 to 300 calories, so that would be 480 to 600 calories per hour. The more weight you are carrying the more calories you will burn which equals weight loss. As you get closer to your ideal weight your body will adjust and you will find your weight stabilizing.

The thing is, unlike so many other cardio vascular exercises, running is the easiest, least expensive and most accessible weight loss activity. You just need a pair of good shoes and the determination and you can begin running.

Running also tends to decrease your appetite it acts as a suppressant so even if you haven’t consciously cut back on what you eat you will probably find that you are eating less and better than you were before!

Once you have introduced running to your daily habits it will become second nature and when you see and feel the benefits you will be totally hooked!

So now you are committed go to running schedule for beginners page.