Running Schedule for Beginners

How to get started: A beginners running program

Day one on your running calendarIf you are a beginner runner it can be quite daunting when you start looking at all the programs and advice in books and on the internet. As I don’t want you to give up before you get started I am going to make the process as simple and easy to follow as possible.

It is the method I used when I first started running and as I am still running after 35 years it obviously worked!

The run a bit walk a bit approach is as simple as it gets! Do this routine 3 times a week to begin with you can increase this as you get fitter if you wish.

Walk at a moderate to brisk pace for 5 minutes then increase your pace to a slow jog/run until you get out of breath then go back to walking briskly until you get your breath back.

Again increase your pace to a slow jog/run until you become breathless and can no long sustain the pace.

Repeat this for 20-25 minutes with a final 5 minute cool down walking at a comfortable pace.

Now if you feel this is going to be too much to begin with then try the above but reduce the time out so it totals 15-20 minutes in all.

As you improve, and you will be surprised how quickly, then increase the amount of time you are jog/running until you are running continuously for 30 minutes.

Please remember you are doing this for you! So don’t compare your progress with anyone else!

Always remember to warm up before starting with the 5 minute moderate to brisk walk. This gets your heart rate up and the blood and oxygen flow to the muscles. After you have completed your training cool down by walking again at a comfortable easy pace! This gives your heart rate time to come back to normal before you stop! It also helps reduce post exercise pain and stiffness.


Although there is no persuasive research to show that stretching will help to prevent injury but it is important to have some flexibility especially as you age, and this can only be achieved by stretching and elongating the muscles! Yoga is fast becoming popular among runners and you can find some of the elite sports people incorporating it into their training routine. But whether you stretch the muscles when they are warm or cold it doesn’t really matter as long as you do some form of flexibility exercise.