Running Tips For Beginners

Woman running beside lake and birdsIf you are just starting out on your running journey you may be overwhelmed by all the information available to you! So to help you on your way to up and running for life here are five running tips to get you started!

  1. The right mind set.

If you don’t have the right mindset you are setting yourself up for failure. It is like any endeavour you undertake for the long term it needs to become a daily habit like brushing your teeth. To achieve this you need to know your why! And your why must be strong enough to get you through the first weeks when it hasn’t become a habit and the effort at times seems too much!! It may be you are running for weight loss, so now you have your why then set measurable inspiring goals to keep you going when the going gets tough!

  1. Having the right running shoe.

Wearing the right trainer is one of the keys to comfort and injury free running. This is where you need to get specialist advice! There is no shortage of specialized running shoe stores which can assist you to find the right shoe for your foot and running style! Don’t continue to run in old worn out shoes they should be replaced every 500-600 km (300-400 miles).

  1. Start Slowly Don’t do too much too soon

As a new runner you can sometimes get too enthusiastic and go for it like a bull at a gate which can lead to injury. In the beginning you are better to go slowly with a walk run approach then a comfortable jog. Keep it to a pace you can comfortably carry on a conversation, increasing your distance when you feel comfortable! A good rule of thumb is to increase your weekly distance by no more than 10% or an extra 5 minutes per week. At any stage if you are feeling tired, or have had a busy week then remain at the same level for another week or so! Remember the terrible 2’s: Too much, too soon, too often, too fast, with too little rest!

  1. Using proper body form.

Think LONG. Keeping good body alignment is very important. Pull up through the top of your head and abdominals to lengthen your spine. Lean into the stride using gravity to move you along. Using the proper running technique requires less energy and is a much more efficient way to run! Your feet should land under your centre of mass, distributing the forces equally throughout the body. Try to keep your arms at a 90 degree angle lightly brushing against your hips as you run, relaxing the shoulders, opening the chest and breathing from the diaphragm. Well do the best you can in the beginning but it will get better and good form speeds up the process!

  1. Use a walk/run approach

When you are a beginner runner you should start out with a walk/run routine because you won’t have the fitness or endurance to run for an extend period of time. You need to build your cardiovascular and muscular strength gradually this will help reduce the risk of you giving up or sustaining an injury. A beginners running program would take the guess work out and give you a week to week schedule to keep you motivated and focused.