What Governs our Running

What Governs our Running

central-governor-theory-running_4-224x300It is fair to say that when we first start out to run it isn’t the easiest or enjoyable of activities.

It takes a lot of motivation and discipline to keep going day after day week after week especially for the first 3 months but what happens after this?  It becomes a habit controlled by the subconscious mind.  Why is this so important!

Tim Noakes MD (Lore of Running) suspects it is a process that is part of the subconscious programming that occurs in the central governor in the brain.  It is this learning process that the subconscious governor begins to realize the body’s capabilities.  He goes on to say, once the novice has been through the process, it need never be repeated.  This is great news and explains why no matter how long a runner has off from running they never have to go through this learning process again.  He suggests that the neural processes of running become hardwired into the subconscious a bit like riding a bike.  It would in part explain how runners can go out and train no matter what the conditions and in fact feel guilty if they miss a day.

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